SGI's March Traffic Safety Spotlight highlighted the staggering number of drivers suspended for impaired driving-related offences during the month of March.

A total of 454 Sask. drivers were suspended in March, 142 of whom were charged with a Criminal Code impaired driving offence and 312 were handed suspensions for exceeding provincial limits on substances.

Tyler McMurchy, spokesperson for SGI, notes that since the mandatory alcohol screening began on April 1, it didn't affect the number of impaired driving offences in the report.

"The suspensions have come up and the criminal charges have come down over previous years, and what's driving that is an increased number of people driving after using cannabis," he said. "The suspicion is not that more people are driving impaired with cannabis, it's more people are getting caught that wouldn't have gotten caught previously."

McMurchy encourages community members to separate the act of taking impairing substances from the act of driving, whether they're using alcohol, cannabis, or both.  

"If they're going to be sober they can drive, but if they're not going to be sober, find a safe ride," added McMurchy.

The Traffic Safety Spotlight also revealed that 4,473 tickets were issued in March for aggressive driving or speeding, 375 for seatbelt or car seat offences, and 548 for distracted driving.