A scam is going around via text message involving SGI. Media Relations Manager for SGI Tyler McMurchy explains. 

“There's currently a text scam going around advising people that they are entitled to a refund due to an overpayment. And then they send a follow up text with a link you're supposed to click. We just want people to know for situations like that, SGI does not communicate to customers via text and we don't provide refunds that way.” 

McMurchy then went into detail about what to do if you click on the link. 

“We're advising them not to click any links that they're sent. Those scammers are likely trying to get some kind of financial or personal information from the people they are texting. So, if you did click that link and provide some information, contact your bank right away to monitor for fraudulent activity.” 

McMurchy then went into some hints for texts which may be fraudulent.  

“Some common hints when something's a text scam is if you see an area code from out of province, you know SGI is located in Saskatchewan. If you see some bad grammar or weird wording choices, this particular one refers to SGI insurance, which is unusual because the I in SGI already stands for insurance, so it's a bit redundant. Other hints include, maybe you weren't expecting a contact from this company, it’s unsolicited. If it seems too good to be true, if it contains a link that is shortened or scrambled, some sort of urgency that you should get in touch with them right away, or promises of some kind of incentive, like a prize or a refund.” 

If this happens to you, you are encouraged to contact SGI. 

“If you are ever unsure about whether communication you're receiving from SGI is legit, you can always call our customer service center. You can find that number on our website, or it's 1-844-855-2744. So, when we're made aware of these scams, we do try to advise our customers on social media, so that's another good reason to follow SGI on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter."