UPDATE: Tuesday, Jan 03, 2023, 6:00 AM

ORIGINAL: Friday, Dec 30 2022, 8:11 AM

You can skate with Deej today from 11am - 2pm at the WCEC. We had a chat with him about the event. Here are his comments.

"As you know there's a little bit of a break between Christmas and New Years. Before school starts there's nothing better than coming to the hockey rink. Come on down everything's free and lunch is provided. It's all about putting a smile on the kids's faces."

Preregister by sending an email to deejmcgrathhockey@gmail.com

First skate was Dec 27th. He thought the numbers had doubled on the 28th, as snow didn't stop anyone from skating.

We first talked with DJay McGrath on December 8th at an outdoor rink in town. He was handing out hot chocolate and holding a special game of shinny. He's a social media advocate and a semi-retired hockey player who's helping spread the word on mental health and living a healthy lifestyle.

The connection between sharing his love for hockey and a finding a path to wellness has struck a chord with the Kindersley public. They came out in droves for the chance to Skate with Deej.

"I want to do as much as I can in my hometown. I shied away from the community for a while and it's my time to give back." Deej says this will be a full time gig. He plans to be a mental health advocate full time. "I'm actually going around Saskatchewan and out east to Ontario to speak."