The Unity RCMP played a helping hand during a recent investigation involving the Saskatoon Police Service. The incident was included in the Saskatchewan RCMP's latest weekly, "on duty in your community" report.

On March 10 the Saskatoon Police Service got into contact with the Unity RCMP following a theft inside the city. A flat-deck trailer and a side-by-side was taken earlier that day from a Saskatoon residence, leading police to request assistance in locating the stolen property.

Unity members were able to determine through initial investigation that the stolen items were being stored at a yard somewhere inside the RM of Reford, near the community of Scott. Police worked to obtain a search warrant for the property, being executed later in the day, where members located both the stolen trailer and side-by-side.

During the incident, police arrested 55-year-old-male Mark Wangler from the Rural Municipality of Reford. Wangler is now scheduled to face charges, appearing in court in Unity on May 27, facing one count of the following:

  • Possession of property obtained by crime over $5000, Section 354(1)(a), Criminal Code.

This incident was included in the Saskatchewan RCMP's weekly, "on duty in your community" report from March 11 to March 17.