Smile cookies are back helping raise funds for great causes around Canada. Specifically in Kindersley, the funds raised are going toward the Kids Academy project. This will be the sister center to the Kinder Kollege located in Westberry School.  

Jodi Geddes, director of Kinder Kollege, explained what the center will be exactly. 

“It will be an extension of because it will be a sister center. So both will work as a unit side by side. 

And there'll be a cook on site, just like we have a kinder college here. And the new Center Kids Academy will have triple the staff ...

Kinder College will stay with the 25 license spaces plus the sister center will have the 90 license spaces plus 34 new school children, so we're going to be able to help a lot of families.” 

If everything goes to plan, the building will be established in 2026.