Situated between Kerrobert and Biggar on Highway 51, Springwater is a busy place despite its size.

A GoFundMe is currently up in support of the Springwater Community Hall. The building needs a new roof along with some interior work.

The fundraiser page states, "the agreement we have with the RM of Biggar is that we pay for upgrades and maintenance. So here we are."

The hope is to replace the roof with a long-lasting metal version, with the RM providing the group some time to accomplish the task while seeing what progress can be done to keep the hall viable in the future.

"Connections to Springwater span the country and run deep. There is always someone coming through just to drive down our streets and remember. Help us keep the memories alive. Thank you."

Donations are also being accepted through the Biggar and District Credit Union. People can help out directly through the hall by sending cheque donations to Box 816 in Biggar.

You can also donate through the link below.

Springwater Community Hall Project

To learn a little more about the project, we talked to secretary with the group Shannon Rogers. They are about halfway towards their total, as the GoFundMe is just one stream of money. The site's goal is $12,000, but the overall goal is closer to $14,000.

"We do have a rough estimate for a replacement cost at $12,000. We do know we have leakage in a couple spots in the roof, and we are expecting to replace some plywood, so $14,000 is probably where we need to be to be comfortable." said Rogers as they are sitting about halfway to their goal at around $7500 dollars.

Rogers shared a little bit more about the hall and its usage over the years. 

"Every year the Springwater Committee puts on a free fireworks display for July 1. We also have a free BBQ, where the hall committee supplies the meat, buns, and pop; and then everyone is asked to bring a salad or a dessert so it's kind of like a potluck.

The annual Canada Day event has seen lots of different entertainment over the years. Ball and golf tournaments have taken place. It's a quaint little town on the prairies, that's seemingly busier than ever.

The hall built in 1978 is up for rent anytime. Rogers shared some more of the amenities Springwater has to offer.

"Recently, a bar and restaurant just opened in town. We also have two small business in town that work out of their homes. It's a striving little community,"

Rogers mentioned a bike rally coming to the already mentioned new establishment Route 51, and that the hall committee would be looking for ways to incorporate the rest of Springwater into the festivities.

Learning about Springwater, it seemed like your typical Saskatchewan ghost town trying it's best not to fade away. A quick conversation with Rogers showed the complete opposite, as a community this small, with this much activity, should keep it more than alive for years to come.

"It's a really cute little community. We really pull together for people. We are hoping that people pull together to save our hall roof."

A renovated community hall should do just the trick to keep the people coming to the little old highway town.