A noticeable shift is coming to the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. Earlier this week, four former cabinet ministers announced that they would not be seeking re-election in the upcoming provincial election. 

Following the news on Tuesday, Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation President Samantha Becotte gave a statement.

"Although there have been significant disagreements between teachers and government, we thank them for their public service and contributions to the democratic process."

Becotte is looking forward to what will come next.

"Teachers are hopeful that this changing of the guard will provide the Saskatchewan Party government with a more enlightened approach to both student needs and collective bargaining with teachers." stated the release. "As the Premier will now have a collection of novice MLAs and cabinet ministers, he should be motivated to bargain a truly fair deal with teachers that addresses the crisis in public education, including meeting students’ needs."

Earlier this week the STF carried out its second day of rotating strikes, but the two-sides were able to come to an agreement, before further action set for Thursday.