April has been proclaimed "Dig Safe Month" in Saskatchewan. To bring more awareness to the need to protect underground infrastructure, the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA) is touring the province and hosting free dig safe awareness breakfasts.

"We want everybody to be mindful that it is important to get your line locates done so that we are safe when we're out there digging on any construction project," said Shannon Doka, Executive Director of the SCGA.

"Whether you're a homeowner, landowner, or excavator, we all need to be aware that there are facilities underneath the ground [like] gas, water and cable. We want to protect those facilities and we want you to be safe when you're digging."

Those who attend one of the free dig safe awareness breakfasts will learn more about requesting a line locate, and hear stories about working safe around underground facilities.

"The big message here being that before you disturb that ground, make sure you have those locates done. Make sure that you're following those best practices," says Lisa Kosolofski,  Director of Sask 1st Call. 

"The best way that they can do that is by going to the Sask 1st Call website, all the information is there. The SCGA.ca also has links where you can go and request your locates online." added Kosolofski.

The size of your project dictates how far in advance you need to submit your locate requests. Small projects need as few as three working days notice prior, while larger projects need at least five working days, but more notice is ideal. Most locates are valid for 30 days.

Across the province in 2022, there were 599 incidents were a service line was reported damaged, which lead to a variety of power, gas, telephone and internet.

 You can resister for the breakfast on the SCGA's website.