The Sun West School Division was in the news over the weekend, after public comments regarding teachers from a Board member were posted online and met with subsequent backlash.

Back on Saturday, a screenshot was posted on Reddit containing a quote from the personal account of Michelle Brummund, who is the current member for Sun West Subdivision 1. Responding to an unknown comment, it read the following:

"...It wasn't that long ago during Covid that teachers were paid for 3.5 months (Mar 17-June 30) when they weren't in the building nor were they teaching/working. How quickly we forget!"

That remark was shared through a few different avenues on social media following the Saturday morning post. With over 100 comments on the original thread, many were understandably upset with the publicly visible comment coming from an elected official.

board-group-picture.jpg (Photo via

WestCentralOnline reached out to the Sun West Board of Education for a response to the situation. Sun West School Division Trustee, Board Chair, and member for Subdivision 6 shared the following statement.

"The personal comments made by an individual Board member do not represent the position of the Sun West Board of Education. Sun West values its relationship with its teachers and respects the collective bargaining rights of all Sun West employees. The Board appreciates the ongoing hard work done by teachers to support their students."

The newsroom has reached out to each party involved. Prior to Saturday's post, a letter from Collins, and vice-chair Michele Whitfield speaking on the ongoing situation with education was shared to the same r/Saskatchewan page that you can find here.