The Sun West School Division is joining many around the province by introducing the online service 'Edsby' for students and their parents. With more technology working its way into schools every single year, even report cards are becoming a thing of the past.

As shared on the school division website, Edsby is an online service that works to support children at school, as families can keep track of their grades and more through a "clear, easy-to-understand format". Users can follow along (across multiple schools) with their child's grades, upcoming and current assessments, and utilize a calendar to display important information. 

WestCentralOnline reached out to Sun West's Coordinator of Communications and Marketing Mike Fedyk to learn more.

"Edsby is a mobile device application that teachers can enter student data into, including marks, attendance information, and other school activities and events." shared Fedyk. "Students and parents can set up accounts to access their information or their children's information and can communicate with teachers through Edsby."

Every student enrolled in a Sun West school is eligible for an account with all that's needed being an internet connection. In general, this service should help parents feel closer to what their kids are doing in school.

"Edsby is an exciting tool for parents to be able to engage with the school and keep up with their children's progress. It's very helpful to students, who will have all their information available to them at their fingertips."

Edsby has an app for IOS and Android, and works on all browsers. This gives users the ability to access their school in a real-time basis from anywhere and have the opportunity to ask questions at all times of the day.

Sun West activated Edsby for the beginning of the school year, officially unveiling the app for parents back on October 4.  

Fedyk shared the response from parents has been positive judging by the amount of parents already signed up. The school division expects that momentum to continue.

"We expect that most parents are going to pick it up eventually. It's so much easier than waiting for a report card once every three months, you can see things as they are happening kind of thing." said Fedyk. "Detailed information too, like specific assignments, as opposed to just the mark for the term kind of thing."

Fedyk is happy to see Sun West join the pack of Edsby users. If school divisions aren't already using it, Fedyk believes they aren't too far away from taking things online.

Going from chalk boards to smart boards, and textbooks to tablets, there is no doubt that the age of technology has made a significant impact on modern education.

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