Monday's most recent announcement from the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation confirmed another round of job action, this time starting Thursday, February 1 on a rotational basis of full-day strikes.

Currently, only Living Sky School Division schools are being affected, through the Tri-West Teachers' Association. The other local association is the Sun West Teachers' Association, who were not included in the most recent round of strikes.

Still, online learning could be affected in some situations. While school will be in session throughout the Sun West Teachers Association zone, if any students within those schools have Sask DLC courses taught by educators in one of the strike zones, they will not have access to their teacher during strike hours.

The Sask Distance Learning Centre shared the following statement to parents.

"It is important to note that while local schools in your area may be open, that your child's teacher may be based in another area of the province. For February 1, teachers based in the Sask DLC Moose Jaw and Prince Albert campuses as well as our Humboldt satellite location will be away as a result of the STF job action announcement."

It went on to state that any future announcements by the STF are expected to impact other locations in the province on a rotating basis. This means that any of the ten Sask DLC campuses in the province could see disruptions in the future, and it should be noted that DLCgo does remain accessible.