The Rosetown RCMP's latest report is in for the period of May 5-11. 

The only call that came in May 5 shared that local police received a complaint of a suspicious person in Rosetown, but found no suspicious activity upon patrols. That came in just after 11:00 PM.

After no calls on May 6, the next day May 7 saw RCMP receive a complaint of mischief in town with insufficient evidence to proceed.

A busy stretch for the detachment began after that. The first of several calls on May shared that Rosetown RCMP received a request for a wellness check in Rosetown. That call came in around 2:00 AM, and the report states members attended along with Rosetown EMS and transported a male to Rosetown Hospital for assessment.

Around 4:00 AM, Rosetown RCMP received a complaint of a fire at a rural location, and that matter is still under investigation. Around 8:00 AM local members received a complaint of fraud, with that matter still under investigation as well. Around 10:00 am the Rosetown RCMP received a request for a wellbeing check, where members spoke to the subject of complaint.

After the busy morning, later on that evening Rosetown RCMP received a complaint of an abandoned vehicle in Rosetown that is still under investigation. With only a few hours left in the day, police then received a complaint of a suspicious person in Rosetown and that matter is still under investigation. 

May 9 started off with a complaint of a suspicious person near Laura in the morning, and then a complaint of an assault in Rosetown later on as both matters are under investigation. On May 10 a pair of calls came in regarding verbal actions, as Rosetown RCMP received a complaint of uttering threats in Elrose after dealing with a report of harassing communications in Rosetown.

Finally, two calls on May 11 ended the report with Rosetown RCMP receiving a complaint of theft at a rural farmyard. The matter is still under investigation, as later on that day local police would receive another complaint of theft in Rosetown.

There were 110 traffic related charges issued, to go along with one 911 mis-dial call, and 1 false alarm call.

Police are asking anyone with information about these or any other crime(s) to please contact the Rosetown RCMP at 306-882-5700, Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submit a tip online at