With "Random Acts of Kindness" a priority here in February, it was another great day of helping out around the Town of Kindersley on Wednesday (coming soon, enjoy the introduction below!). 

The Country 104 and Classic Hits Radio crew weren't the only ones helping out in the community. As you can see above, Mrs. Calkins Grade 5 class was out shoveling around Kindersley, collecting some good karma in the process. The kids were rewarded for their hard work as one person gave them money for classroom snacks, another individual dropped off hot chocolate, and the kids even helped bring in a donation for TeleMiracle.

It was a great lesson for kids, even before the special treats they received. The recognition for their hard work had them chomping at the bit to see just who else they could assist with a good deed, shared a proud Mrs. Calkins.

"Once they could see just how much people appreciated what they were doing it inspired them to do a really good job and to keep going! They didn't want to stop!! Some things you can't teach in the classroom!"

The idea to shovel for a "Random Act of Kindness" isn't new inside the walls of Elizabeth Middle School. It's a great way to spread positivity, and take part in some physical activity at the same time. 

"I can't really take any credit for the idea, as classes have been doing this for years."

After Shoveling Snow 101 on Wednesday, find a few photos from the trip out of the classroom in the photo gallery below.