Ice fishing and snowmobiling are two of the most popular winter activities but you have to be careful when your on the ice.

The thickness of the ice is something you need to be aware of before heading out.  Shelby Rushton, CEO of the Lifesaving Society says that if you are just walking on the ice to go fishing it should be 4 inches thick.  If you are snowmobiling it should be at least 5 inches thick.  If you are planning on driving a vehicle onto the ice to go fishing the ice should be between 12 and 15 inches thick.

If you do fall through the ice there are certain things to remember.  First of all remain calm, then take a minute to collect yourself then break off an loose ice.  At that point you can try to get out of the water.  Rushton added that you have about an hour in cold water before going unconscious.