Natural Products Canada (NPC) has released its Canadian Game Changers Report.

The report identifies over 100 companies powered by women in the natural and bio-based industries.

NPC is the driving force behind Canada's Natural Product Innovation Cluster - which recognizes the development and commercialization of naturally-derived products and technologies in health and life sciences, natural resources, agriculture and agri-food, and sustainable bioproducts.

You'll find a breakdown of some of the prairie-based companies that trace a key ingredient or ingredients right back to the farm

From Manitoba:

Prairie Fava provides fava bean growers, food processors and manufacturers with whole fava bean ingredients. Fava beans are high in protein and dietary fiber, and as a nitrogen-fixing pulse, they help to restore the healthy balance of the soil. Prairie Fava is the only toll manufacturer in the world that is focused solely on fava as a whole food ingredient. Through their grower network and proprietary dehulling technology, they are committed to value-added development of fava, from seed to fork. They company continues to be recognized as an up and coming agri-food processor. They were awarded the Start-up of the Year award in 2022 by the Bioscience Association Manitoba.

Praire Fava - CEO and Co-Founder is Hailey Jeffferies.

From Saskatchewan:

Sunnydale Foods manufactures proteins, starches, flours, and fibers from pea and fava bean. They are actively developing new techniques for the manufacture of food ingredients using less water and chemicals, thus reducing their environmental footprint. The early-stage company is well on its way, increasing sales by over 500% in 2021, and by over 55% in 2022. Sunnydale successfully launched three new ingredients in 2022, and are currently in development of several new products for food specific application in 2023.

Sunnydale Foods - CEO Heidi Dutton

Three Farmers Foods is Canada’s largest brand and manufacturer of whole roasted pulses and beans. Driven by the desire to nourish the world through whole bean snacking, Three Farmers’ product portfolio consists of roasted chickpea, lentil, and fava bean snacks as well as camelina oil. Located at the source of the world’s supply of pulses, Three Farmers Foods is vertically integrated, sourcing all ingredients from Canada and manufacturing in Saskatchewan. In the last 24 months, Three Farmers added 1000 new retailers and can now be found in over 6,000 locations across Canada, and in the US via Costco, as well as recently being added to Porter Airlines in-flight dining options.

Three Farmer Foods Inc - CEO Natasha Vandenhurk/CIO Elysia Vandenhurk

ulivit superfood inc. is an innovative food company helping people and our planet by creating super delicious, functional food. Their flagship food Magic Eats is a high protein alternative to meat and eggs, made with one of the most sustainable plant-based proteins in the world – pulses. Containing just one ingredient – peas – along with other tasty herbs and spice blends, Magic Eats have distinct health and functional benefits that provide natural energy, boosts your brain, and builds your immunity. Pulses are a carbon sequestering ingredient with very low carbon footprint. They use less water, land, and resources, and leave the soil healthier. ulivit’s locally sourced, pulse-forward products are high in protein, clean label, soy and gluten free. ulivit’s future packaging will also be made from 70% renewable plants and 100% recyclable, reducing food waste, energy to transport, and mitigating climate change.

ulivit superfood inc - Founder and CEO Laura Gustafson

From Alberta:

FreshCap Mushrooms is a Canadian pioneer in the functional mushroom industry and has become a trusted provider of premium quality, mushroom based health and wellness products. They use pure mushroom fruiting bodies specifically and thoroughly extracted in order to provide the highest quality mushroom supplements available on the market. Building a sizable YouTube following, they’re seen as thought leaders and educators in the mushroom industry, which supports their sales and distribution in making a large impact in a very efficient way. The company has plans for further product launches in 2023.

FreshCap Mushrooms - Co-Founder and Head of Oprations - Tegan Shields

Gaia Protein is an insect agriculture company that has developed a comprehensive cricket production system. Crickets are a high-quality source of protein suitable for food, pet food, and livestock feed. The positive nutritional and environmental attributes of insect protein have been lauded by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Gaia Protein’s production system reduces waste, utilizes byproduct inputs as feed, and produces a fertilizer product, which can partially replace inorganic fertilizers. Gaia Protein’s long-term commercial plan is to partner with farmers and provide them with technology, specialized equipment, training, and support to implement this system into their farming practices.

Gaia Protein - Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer - Claudia Koch

MySteM Biotechnologies Inc. is addressing the global issue of antibiotic use in livestock. It has developed a product using livestock colostrum stem cells that delivers significant antimicrobial properties against pathogens. This is welcome news to farmers as both FDA and Health Canada have restricted the use of antibiotics in farm animals, and there are few effective alternatives available. MySteMBiotech’s single-use technology provides this alternative to antibiotics, and delivers a natural, effective and environmentally friendly product. The startup has been actively building its network through various incubators, and has filed a patent for its technology, with prototype testing and product development planned for 2023.

MySteMBiotech - Founder, President and CEO - Dr.Hilal Gul

PIP International Inc is an ag-tech company on a mission to create the most sustainable and affordable plant protein. Using industry-disrupting extraction technology, PIP offers a great-tasting, high-functioning, and affordable plant protein processed sustainably from yellow peas. Yellow peas are a natural environmental steward as they are nitrogen fixing and regenerate the soil. PIP’s sustainable process uses less water, power, natural gas and electricity to bring a great tasting pea protein to the market. PIP currently focuses on the B2B industry as a premium food ingredient at an affordable price. As they continue to expand their resources and infrastructure, they are planning on expanding product offerings, and are considering entering the B2C market.

PIP International Inc CEO and Founder Christine Lewington

Secret Foods produces premium, pure, plant-based sauces to fill a gap on store shelves. Staying true to their deep heritage, Secret Foods bring the delights of Lebanese home cooking to people everywhere, but with a unique twist. Using high quality, clean-label, and plant-based ingredients, Secret Foods’ creamy salad dressings and condiments are not heavy in oils, and don’t contain any dairy or eggs. Their products are tahini and lemon juice based, with no gluten, sugar, GMOs, and artificial preservatives. Since launching operations in 2021, Secret Foods is now listed in over 400 stores across Western Canada, and with a recent partnership with a national distributor, will soon be in many more across the country.

Secret Foods - Owner - Anna Jane Daklala

Synergia Biotech’s net-zero technology converts CO2 into an all-natural, vibrant blue pigment that is safe in food and other applications. This helps mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and recycle water, while addressing the demand for clean-label food and beverage, cosmetic, and nutraceutical products. Synergia’s climate positive innovation is backed by years of cutting-edge research in ecology, microbiology and engineering, and represents a new, diversified revenue stream in Canada’s agriculture sector. While Synergia’s sales are forecasted to start in 2024 the focus this year is to continue to build the customer base, and develop partnerships with industry to support funding and scaling of operations.

Synergia Biotech - PhD, RPBio CEO Founder - Angela Kouris 

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