After trees, mattresses, tractor seats, and other garbage were found on the ground near the Blue Recycle Bins at the Compost and Recycle Centre on Highway 21, the Town of Kindersley wanted to remind residents this is NOT where these things belong.

The Compost Area accepts (unbagged leaves, grass clippings, branches, non-woody vegetation, and plant waste). The area will open once the ground is dry.

Things accepted in the blue Recycle Bins at the Recycle Centre are:

Household tin and aluminum, plastics #1 to #7, and mixed paper and cardboard.

Please breakdown cardboard boxes to fit into the bins. Recycle can also go in your BLUE Loraas bins and compost curb side bins are also available through Loraas.

Waste must go in your GREY (residential) or RED (commercial) Loraas bin or must be hauled to the Western Regional Landfill. - For more information on where your waste/recycle/compost/spring cleaning should go, please visit the Town website.