It has been a nice transition to the spring so far around west-central Saskatchewan. The weather has gradually gotten better to the point of above-seasonal temperatures being noticed this weekend, and significant rainfall also helped during the week.

With temperatures climbing above the +20 mark for the weekend, anyone planning on catching some rays will want to prepare themselves. UV indexes above 5 are on the way for the weekend. 6 to 7 is considered high, 8-10 is very high, and anything above that mark is extreme.

Environment and Climate Change Canada's Terri Lang offered some tips around the sun.

"Well certainly the UV is starting to climb into the moderate, to high categories. Folks should remember their sunscreen, just because at this time of year we kind of forget. Just not in the habit of putting it on yet." said Lang, adding another important thing to remember. "Remembering to hydrate as much as possible, as the heat comes on, because that is something we forget to do as well."

People need to be aware that the sun doesn't treat skin any differently this time of year.

"The skin isn't used to seeing the sun as much as it is, and we tend to maybe over do it in the heat because we forget what it's like."

Even though this weekend could be warmer than usual, this spring has been more average than in past years.

"Getting some warm temperatures, chances of showers and thundershowers moving through. Much more typical of the weather that we are supposed to be getting, versus the last few years, where it has been not very typical at all."

View the current forecast for the area, and any updates for the week ahead HERE.