Over the weekend a weather system sparked rainfall warnings to areas along the Alberta Saskatchewan border. It brought significant rainfall to West Central Saskatchewan Saturday and into early Sunday morning. Along with rainfall warning severe thunderstorm warnings were issued around the region for strong wind gusts and nickel size hail. Rainfall warnings were dropped as the system moved out of the area faster than predicted as total rainfall was below warning criteria. For farmers in the area, its much needed rainfall for the start of the growing season. Reported rainfall totals via ECCC are as follows

  • Kindersley- 21.7mm
  • Rosetown- 26.1mm
  • Eatonia- 24.6mm

South East Saskatchewan also saw severe warnings as a secondary fast moving system pushed up from Montana early on Sunday morning, bringing heavy rain, hail and wind to SE Saskatchewan and SW Manitoba;

Severe warned system as it tracked across Montana before impacting SE Saskatchewan - Jenny Hagan

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