Spread out around the region, April showers made an appearance this weekend. The moisture was seemingly concentrated around Kindersley, but anyone who missed out on the weekend precipitation should catch up nicely with showers in the majority of forecasts for the week.

Looking at rainfall totals according to Environment Canada, Kindersley was the top receiver with over 5 mm of rainfall. 4.2 mm of rain alone fell on Saturday, joined by another 1.2 mm on Sunday, pushing the total amount for the month just under 25 mm.

Outside of Kindersley, down the road around Rosetown there was only 0.8 mm of total precipitation to note. The system must have only edged the region with Outlook not recording any moisture, and Lucky Lake collecting 0.7 mm.

The majority of rain fell inside the western half of the region, as south around Leader there was 4.2 mm of rain on Saturday, and another 0.8 on Sunday to push their total just behind Kindersley at 5 mm. Looking north to the Biggar/Scott region they were in the middle of the pack with just under 2 mm of total precipitation to note across the weekend. 

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While the weekend had wet weather mostly contained to one area, it looks like rain is set to fly around west-central Saskatchewan looking at the week ahead. As of Monday morning a thunderstorm risk exists for Kindersley, Rosetown, Outlook, and north around Scott. The storm should kick things at night, and then beginning Tuesday morning there is 5-10 mm of rain in the forecast for all of the above mentioned locations.