Back on October 6th, runners from all around west central headed to Outlook to take part in cross-country districts. 117 athletes took place in the district event, with the top 10 earning the right to move on to provincials in Humboldt on October 16th.

Those runners qualified for provincials with their times in Outlook, but not all were in attendance this past weekend. Below is the results for each west central runner from Saturdays event. Also noted are the overall team scores, which saw only Unity place out of west central schools.


Intermediate Boys: 50th Place- Rie James Dalisay/Biggar St. Gabriel/12:37, 68th Place- Benjamin MacDonald/Plenty/12:56

Intermediate Girls: 17th Place- Kasey Jessiman/Lucky Lake/13:21, 19th Place- Brynn Wilson/Rosetown/13:33, 57th Place- Larkyn Lee/Outlook LCBI/15:39, 58th Place- Junell Sorotski/Kenaston/15:40

Junior Boys: 6th Place- Colby Mathers/Eston/15:19, 51st Place- Chris Wiesner/Kenaston/18:56, 75th Place- Bryden Sparks/Outlook High School/21:16

Junior Girls: 11th Place- Damara Wiens/Outlook High School/19:07, 39th Place- Katelyn Fecht/Biggar Central School/26:23

Senior Boys: 26th Place- Liam Jones/Outlook LCBI/20:15, 36th Place- Marcus Taranger/Outlook LCBI/21:00, 50th Place- Trason Ridgewell/Outlook LCBI/21:43, 51st Place- AJ Hettrick/Outlook High School/21:44, 54th Place- Kalen Follick/Outlook LCBI/22:05,
73rd Place- Devon Jones/Elrose/23:43, 87th Place- Micheal (Sam) Smith/Kenaston/28:32

Senior Girls: 15th Place- Ayslee Blenkinsop/Kenaston/18:01, 43rd Place- Sierra Ringdall/Kenaston/20:34, 87th Place- Hannah Leipert/Kindersley/26:59, 88th Place- Cheyan Thiessen/Kindersley/27:00, 93rd Place- Jasmine Falcon/Biggar Central School/DNF

Provincials this past weekend took place at the Carlton Trail Ski Club’s Dixon Hills near Humboldt. Congratulations to everyone who competed!