Strong job numbers for January 2024 in Saskatchewan were released by the government back on February 9. A 2.2 per cent increase in new jobs saw 12,900 added compared to January 2023, and when it comes to the provincial labour force, it also reached a record high at 623,300 in January.

Local employment numbers were among the best in the provinces reporting regions, as the Saskatoon-Biggar zone encompasses a majority of west-central Saskatchewan. There was a 6.3% rise in employment numbers with 223,400 people employed in January 2024, compared to 210,100 in January 2023. Saskatoon-Biggar finished only behind the Yorkton-Melville region who saw a 7.5 per cent jump to  39,900 people employed in the region.

Employment by region screenshot.jpg Employment by region for January 2024 (screengrab via's Dashboard - Employment)

"Saskatchewan continues to excel in 2024, with strong job growth, a low unemployment rate and a growing labour force," Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said. "Building our labour force to support our economy is a top priority to our government. This is why the province is consistently making strategic investments to promote economic growth and is actively supporting employers to help them train, recruit and retain the talent needed to fill job vacancies and build a skilled workforce."

Last Friday's release also stated a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 4.7 per cent for the province, good for third in Canada, "remaining consistently below the national average of 5.7 per cent". Other notable statistics saw total Saskatchewan employment at 591,500, male and female employment at 313,900, and 277,600 respectively, and 62,400 off-reserve Indigenous employment, as you can find the full set of information in the link above.