More smoke expected to pass through west-central Saskatchewan this morning means the special air quality statement remains on for the area.

Taking a look at the fire smoke radar early on the heavy stuff was situated further east closer to Saskatoon. Moving west towards the Alberta border, the current plume of smoke should continue to pass by north of Kindersley as the morning progresses. 

Smoke Screenshot May 18 2023 10 AMScreengrab of the local radar for 10:00 AM Thursday (via

The radar shows that by midnight the smoke should be a lot lighter around the region as the threat area gets pushed to the north. We likely won't be completely out of the woods until possibly Saturday as the forecast is calling for hazy skies on Friday.

Once things do clear up, the weather for this year's May Long Weekend is looking quite nice. These hazy skies may have interrupted some hot May weather during the week, but will be getting its full shine this weekend with highs of around 30 C expected through Monday.

If the smoke does stick around, find some tips below on how to stay safe outdoors in these conditions.