The weather is always a good topic of conversation in farming country. We have some of the best farmland in the world, and it's kept that way by smart, sustainable practices. These practices are put in place by progressive producers of the area. Top Ag Stories of 2022

So how about the weather lately. It feels like we've had more road closures in the past 2 months than we had in the past 2 years, but our top weather story for the calendar year takes us back to a blizzard that stopped everything in it's tracks on January 31st.

Roads closed under zero visibility conditions. link to the story

We had a day in June where 7 tornadoes were spotted in the province, it was June 29th. There were 25 confirmed tornadoes in Sask this year, and we usually expect to have 14 or 15. Our top summer news story takes us to a windstorm that ripped through Kerrobert early morning August 2nd. 

Thunderstorm hammers Kerrobert. link to the story

Everyone loves a good debate, and controversy started around water levels in lake Diefenbaker this spring. Predictions came out about the water levels coming back to normal, but the spring rains and mountain water runoff couldn't come quick enough for cabin owners around the province's biggest water playground.

Water goes down, controversies rise at Lake Diefenbaker. link to the story

That brings us a to a more recent weather story. A truck driver was trying pass through the area when he encountered another semi tractor-trailer unit stuck in the snow in the middle of highway 7. It was our first major snowstorm of the season, and it wasn't a one-off situation. It was more of a sign of things to come 

Travel not recommended on Highway 7. link to the story

The extreme cold set in around the darkest day of the year. The winter solstice saw a high temperature for the day at -30 and overnight lows at -38. Where it's hard to hold people back from last minute Christmas shopping, these types of temps definitely put a dent in the activity of residents in the area who were happy to stargaze instead.

Extreme cold breaks records. link to the story

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