Better Together Kindersley is getting ready to host another event in town.

Marge Bailey with Better Together shared news of a special presentation coming to Kindersley that is appropriately named the "Women's 'Worth'shop", as registered Suicide Prevention Trainer Shelley M. Christian with Living Works will be on hand this upcoming Friday, December 9th at the Senior's Centre in Kindersley.

The event begins at 7:00 and is free of admission, as Bailey with Better Together helped preview the talk and also just how it will help uplift, equip, and empower women to thrive mentally and emotionally in the midst of challenges and adversities facing them in their daily lives through awareness, education, and interactive learning.

"We are excited to bring a strong Christian woman who has been sharing on the unique nature of women and their specific needs to native reserves as well as other communities and groups around the province," shared Bailey through the Better Together Facebook page, "The Christmas season can be the best of times .. but for some, it is one of the most trying and desperate times. It is our privilege to bring HOPE to many and ENCOURAGE all who attend this type of event."

Better Together at Downtown Kindersley Association Christmas kick-off event

The upcoming workshop was funded in part by one of Better Together's recent initiatives with the Downtown Kindersley Association, as Bailey went into some more detail.

"We made over $700, which goes towards this first workshop we are doing," said Bailey, before explaining once again just why it is a 'worth' shop, "Because if women can understand their worth, and learn some tips on how to encourage others, they will thrive emotionally and mentally. That's where we are starting as far as the ladie's workshops go."

Bailey encourages anybody who is interested to show up, no registration needed. 

"(Shelley) has worked with women's groups in many areas. She was also up north in some communities, which was basically the inspiration for her book that she published The Red Geranium Sisterhood. She has a real heart, not only for women, but for children and others as well."

As Bailey kept explaining what people attending the workshop could expect, she wanted to share a quote from the speaker that really stayed with her.

"When we take the single threads of our lives and allow them to be woven into a sisterhood of friends, we become atmosphere transformers."

Again, for anyone interested the upcoming event is set for December 9th at 7:00 pm at the Senior's Centre in Kindersley. Bailey noted that there is a good amount of support already in the community for a session like this.

As of this writing it is also Better Together Tuesday, and Bailey's latest quote to her supporters is that "It truly is often better to give than receive -- we are meant to encourage those around us ... we are "Better Together".

Shelley poster.jpg Poster via Better Together on Facebook