The Kindersley and District Food Bank is coming off a strong stretch of donations courtesy of a couple of local events.

This week they received a cheque from the Whitecap Family Golf and BBQ held a few weeks ago, and also took in their healthy amount of food donations from the front door back during night one of the Kindersley Indoor Rodeo at the beginning of the month.

food bank donationsPhoto via Kindersley and District Food Bank on Facebook

Earlier this week is when the pictured food above was dropped off at the food bank by members of the Kindersley Indoor Rodeo committee Hannah and Syphonna Leipert, and Karen Klein. The total amount donated came out to a whopping 253 pounds of food.

The monetary donation from the oilfield company totaled $5230, being raised at a silent auction with donations from their local vendors.

Check out below the May 2022 statistics for Kindersley and District Food Bank.