At least a pair of west-central communities have had to speak out recently on the topic of loose dogs in town. In Biggar, a dog biting incident led to Sgt. Dereck Crozier giving the hard-truth in the latest Biggar RCMP report. 

The Town of Kindersley also recently addressed the issue. They want to make sure residents are respecting open public spaces by keeping their dogs on a leash, in areas such as the community walking trail around the Motherwell Reservoir.

"For the comfort and safety of others please keep your pets leashed when using the walking trail. The only place your pet can roam without the restraint of a leash is in your fenced yard or at the off leash dog park."

Channeling the same sentiment from the police in Biggar, the Town of Kindersley Facebook page shared the following tips to help avoid any unwanted scenarios.

  • Someone else's dog that is correctly on a leash might not be friendly and yours might cause an unnecessary conflict resulting in injuries for both dogs or owners
  • Someone might be scared of dogs or may not like dogs and yours goes bounding up to them (You don't want to be afraid on the trail, why should they be?)
  • Your dog might get scared by something and react negatively and nip or bite a human or another animal
  • There could be hazards that your dog won't avoid without you guiding them on a leash
  • You might miss picking up after your dog if it's way ahead of you, which might be great for you, but cause an inconvenience for other walkers

It's a matter of respect, that if not followed, could turn into a matter of safety.