Held late last week, the Elrose Fun Run brought families and friends together to get some exercise. Christy Shaw put on the event once again this year, and was happy with how things went.

"It was great, we had great participation again this year. I was pretty happy with it all played out," Shaw said.

The numbers may have been down a little bit from last year, but more people were able to take part in person this year, compared to virtually last year. 

"There was some who did virtual, but most came the evening of," Shaw added. And she also mentioned there was some extra help to get people loose for the Fun Run.

"Becky Giles did a warm up for us. She has her own yoga studio and she came out and stretched us out, and there everybody went on their way."

There was still a great turnout for the community, as Shaw explains. 

"There was about 64 participants this time. I think last year was closer to 100, I think we had virtual doing it," Shaw said.

She is hoping for a great turnout once again next year.