This weekend is one to relax for Pam Kosolofski and company, after last week was the annual mad dash around west-central delivering purple pansies for pancreatic cancer. Pickup stations were set up around the region, though the flowers made their way as far as Airdrie, Alberta!

Without sharing a final total, this year's campaign likely helped bring in about $12,000 for pancreatic cancer. Last year brought in over $13,000, and sales were slightly down in comparison this year.

Kosolofski appreciated all of the continued support, sharing thanks to first time buyers as well. After hearing about Kosolofski's local campaign for the first time on the radio, a Kerrobert resident with connections to the pancreatic cancer purchased about $300 worth of the purple flowers. 

Find a photo gallery courtesy of Kosolofski below, and read a full story regarding her team's latest year of deliveries.