The countdown is officially on for the start of TeleMiracle 48. The annual telethon is set for Saturday through Sunday in Regina, and some west-central flare will be in attendance.

Earlier in February we shared a TeleMiracle centered event being put on by the Kin Club of Unity. Breanna Elder helped organize the group's first ever Duck Derby!

President for the Kin Club of Unity Nora Aldred said it was a great event, and some minor changes are already in the works for next year.

"It went over really well. It was our first year doing it. We are hoping to have a better turnout next year of course," said Aldred. "We are going to tweak a few things. It's a good family (night), and we hope to add a few more family type events too it." finished the president. 

The money raised will be going to TeleMiracle 48. While she couldn't unveil the grand total, Aldred did share that interested individuals will be able to watch live.

"Of course you have to tune in, Sunday morning at 8:17 AM. That is when the (club) will be doing the on-air presentation" said Aldred, as it's set to be a family affair. "It will be myself and my two daughters."

The family is slated to be a busy bunch.

"We are going to be doing that, and I may be working some of the phones with the TeleMiracle foundation because I am on that as well." said Aldred, not done there. "I am going to be doing security, pre-show, during the show, for three shifts. My girls are going to be messengers, running messages back-and-forth between the stage, wherever they need to take them. We are also working food services as well."

While it's certainly a lot on the plate for Aldred, the Kin Club of Unity's president is no stranger to the work. It's become something Aldred can look forward too.

"It's a long weekend of no-sleep, but it's so fulfilling, to be there helping out, raising all that money."

Once again, you can catch Aldred and her family presenting the cheque from Unity on Sunday morning at about 8:17 AM.

The main broadcast for TeleMiracle 48 will begin at 9:00 PM on Saturday, following the pre-show streamed online.