Back in September, the Town of Kindersley posed a question that they figured residents would surely dig.

"We have had some residents come forward asking about having a community garden," shared the town on social media, "and we are wondering how many folks would be interested if we were to go ahead and create one for the 2024 growing season." 

They asked residents to fill out a short survey to garner how much interest their would be in a community garden. Fast forward to the beginning of November and that interest began to show.

WestCentralOnline reached out to the Town of Kindersley for more information on the garden. Communications Coordinator Anna Polsfut was happy to share how the idea was sparked.

"A couple of citizens had come forward regarding a community garden here in Kindersley. The Town is working to be a point of contact for the committee until they are completely set-up. The idea is in place for 2024, the details are just being ironed out."

The garden will be located in a prime spot, at the site of the old water tower.

Community garden photo.jpg The garden will utilize a well-known piece of land in Kindersley  

"There is a more attainable option for irrigation there and because of the remaining infrastructure of the old water tower underground, the Town is unable to develop and sell the land at this time."

This will hopefully be a way to reinvent the historic Kindersley location.

"We also felt that the location on Main Street would both aid in beautification of the area, as well as the garden would be easily viewed from the street and neighbours to hopefully decrease concerns of vandalism."

They are looking for new committee members, and participants to plant in the garden. The group is hoping to line up donations of seeds and old gardening tools to help get things started.

Volunteers will be necessary for the upkeep and overall operation of the community led project. Nothing intense, just watering and pulling weeds during the summer.

"Residents can contact me at or call (306)463-2675 if they are interested in being a part of the Community Garden or just have questions or concerns. I am starting a mailing list and have sent out a survey to those who have already signed-up." shared Polsfut via email.

The community garden will be open to anyone who is interested, beginner to expert. Gardening is a fun and productive way to keep busy during the summer.

"We hope not only to produce a successful garden, but also to connect community members on “common ground”."

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