Another rodeo wrapped up for Kindersley over the weekend. The annual indoor rodeo was as popular as ever, seeing tons of participants and visitors from all around.  

Carlie Bowditch, barrel racer, break away roping and member of the board for the Canadian Cowboy Association has been participating in rodeos for more of her life answered some burning questions: 

Were you in 4-H? 

“I bleed green. I was in 4H for 10 years in the light horse, where I learned lots of the skills that I've transferred over to be a rodeo athlete now” 

Does it ever scare you going as fast as you do? 

“Yeah, yes and no. If you're not going, if you're not a little scared, you're not going fast enough.” 

How many more stops do you have after this weekend? 

“Yeah, so we this is the third rodeo on the Canadian Cowboys Association circuit. So we were in Tisdale, N Battleford and now we're here. 

Between now and our finals, which will be in North Battleford in October, we'll have about 35 sanction rodeos to hit between then and now.” 

What would you like to say to Kindersley and the organizers for the weekend? 

“We're always excited to say thank you to the communities that have us because it's a great opportunity to be here and it's not possible without the sponsors and in Kindersley and surrounding area that support it. So, us as contestants are always excited to be here and have the fans in the stands and put on a good show.” 

What would you say to the little girls who look up to you and want to get into rodeos? 

“I think lots of little girls grow up and wanna ride a horse and It's a sport that takes a lot of dedication and a lot of bravery. And it's one that's worth it. So, if it's if it's something that sets your soul on fire and you want to be part of it, I guess my message is this, that you can do it. Put your heart into it.” 

You can visit the CCA Facebook page here, and the Kindersley indoor rodeo page here