Work is well underway at Kinsmen Park in Kindersley, and the progress is looking promising.

The Friends of Kinsmen Park approached town council Monday evening to discuss about the project moving forward. Phase one of the plan has started with the outdoor skating rink located in the park.

Additionally, the group have requested for council to match the funds raised by members of the community by way of cash value in order to proceed with phase one of the outdoor rink.

When the funds are matched, workers and volunteers from the community can continue and complete the project before moving onto phase two - the rink's shack.

As of right now, the costs to complete the rink are as follows:

  • $ 6,580.92 - for boards and hardware to replace the rink's structure.
  • $ 2,099.75 - for boards for the top edge of the rink, chain link protection and the chain link supplies.
  • $ 8,680.67

Council are in agreement of matching the funds raised by the community via monetary value as decided from the previous council. Friends of Kinsmen Park will need to provide proof of raised funds before the transfer.

The matched funds from council will derive from their 2016 budget from a reserve contributing towards park improvements in the town.

The next process for FOKP will be looking into cost of renovations and demolision to the rink's shack. The group are also optimistic on creating soccer pitches on the other side of Westberry School in the future.

"On behalf of Council, we commend you on the work you've done." - Rod Perkins, Mayor of Kindersley

"It's a huge savings towards the labour hours, quality of work, etc. I skated at that park, thank you." - Randy Ervine, Councilor

"Good on you guys for leading this project." - Gary Becker, Councilor