Opposition NDP leader Carla Beck is questioning why the provincial government is hiking power rates during a time when people are struggling to make ends meet. 

During Question Period at the Legislature last Tuesday, Beck called for an end to the increases to power rates. 

“How could the premier actually think that it's OK to force people to pay for the mistakes that his government and that he, himself, has made,” she told the Legislative Assembly. 

She pointed to the fact that SaskPower rates have increased four times since 2018 and another four per cent increase is scheduled to take effect in April. 

Premier Scott MoePremier Scott Moe during Question Period last week

Premier Scott Moe shot back that Saskatchewan has some of the lowest utility rates in Canada. 

“When you look at the bundle of utility rates that we have, we're among the lowest in the nation, Mr. Speaker. We have amongst the lowest gas utility rates in the nation, Mr. Speaker. We have amongst the lowest insurance rates in the nation of Canada,” Moe said. 

Currently, the standard residential rate is $26.11 for the basic monthly rate plus 14.705 cents per kWh and 1.0125 cents per kWh for the federal carbon charge.