It's a tale as old as time, new years resolutions.

Each year millions of people across the world vow that they will make a change for themselves, a common phrase said is, "new year, new me."

While wanting to be healthier is a good thing, whether your goal is to stop smoking, lay off drinking or like a huge proportion of those making resolutions, losing weight, studies show that by the 19th of January most people have already let their self-promises fall to the wayside.

Barbara Wright is a dietitian in Estevan, she spoke with us about the different methods that people can use to stay on the right path to weight loss and to meet the goals they long to accomplish and understands that it can be a difficult journey to being a better you.

"We know that making those new years resolutions to improve health in one way or another is easy but sticking to them can truly be very hard."

She continued.

"Before you make those resolutions, take some time to consider what changes you want to make. Think about the current health habits and ways that you can make positive changes and why you actually want to make those changes."

Wright suggests writing down your goals as having it down on paper can let you go over them in front of you and decide how each goal will make you feel and if it will benefit you.

"Make sure that you have fun, don't forget that you're doing this to make yourself feel better, not to make yourself feel guilty. Focus on one or two of those changes that you want to do, don't try to do several of them at one time because its easy to get overwhelmed"

Quick wins will help to keep you motivated.

"Create specific changes that are measurable, things that you can act on, things that are realistic and set a time frame for it."

She added that meal prepping can be a great way to help make these changes. You can premake meals on Sundays and Wednesdays for the next days ahead of you to avoid just grabbing something quick and unhealthy.

Wright also suggests possibly involving others and creating a buddy system to have another individual go on the journey with you to help keep one another accountable.

Another piece of your journey that she wants you to keep in mind is that you will have obstacles in your path and that you will stumble along the way but to not give up.

"Some goals will be harder than others and it's okay if you get off track, just ask your support group to help you get back on track."

It is also important that you are taking a step back to look at your environment. Whether it's your house, your car or your workplace, you need to identify what is helping you and hindering you during this process.

If there are candies or chips at your disposal, she proposes that you switch those out with healthier options if at all possible.

Wright wants the public to know that there are registered dietitians that you can call if you are struggling.

"We actually have a call in help centre in Saskatchewan, it's called Eat Well Saskatchewan"

You can call that line for any questions you may have at 1-833-966-5541.

There are dietitians that answer that line that can give you confidential, one on one suggestions and ideas for healthy eating.