It wasn't a billion-dollar rain, but it wouldn't be surprising if somebody forked up a large amount of money for yesterday's much-needed amount of moisture around west-central Saskatchewan.

We reached out to Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Terri Lang to learn just how much rain fell. 

"(Rosetown got 20.2 mm), Leader came in with 17.3 mm," said Lang sharing the higher totals. "Kindersley 7.1 mm, Outlook 3.0 mm, and Lucky Lake 3.7 mm. That's over the past couple of days."

We also quizzed our listeners around the region for some more data as well.

One comment on Country 104 shared that Flaxcombe received around 1 inch. A picture of a rain gauge on West Central Online showed around 1/4 inch for a yard in Kindersley. Other comments shared just under half an inch was noted north of Eatonia, and also up north of Coleville, and a total coming in well over that number was shared for Landis.

We asked Lang about the system passing through. After the recent rainfall, it's looking like the west-central region is out of the woods. An upper trough currently over western Canada is creating a U-shape that is all part of the same system according to Lang.

"Rainfall that is coming up with the showers and thundershowers, that is coming up from the south, sort of along that eastern arm of the (U-shape)." said Lang. "That is bringing up the warmer, moister air from the south, and that is allowing us to benefit (from the showers)."

That system is moving more towards the east, and Lang expects the west-central to be free of rain. For now.

"We are looking for sort of a return to that pattern towards the weekend. More showers, thundershowers. Again, it's going to be spotty in nature so if you get underneath a good one, you will get lots of rain. If you get just missed, or side-swiped, you won't be getting as much."

The forecast for Kindersley and Rosetown as of Thursday afternoon is reading a mix of sun and cloud into the weekend, with the only rain being a 30% chance on Saturday night. Closer to Saskatoon is where the system could re-enter the region, but it looks like scattered showers will continue to be the norm this spring season.