The Biggar RCMP are seeking information from the public looking at their latest report.

Detachment commander in Biggar SGT. Dereck Crozier detailed an incident at a local campground. 

"A senseless act of vandalism and destruction at the regional campground was reported after hooligans destroyed the new hard plastic picnic benches in the picnic shack near the toboggan hill area. If anyone has any information on this, or you want to report those responsible." said Crozier as they are seeking out any connections to the case. According to the Town of Biggar website, the Biggar and District Regional Park is located 1 km north of Biggar on Highway No. 4.

A photo from the incident in question can be found above. Police are asking the public to call the detachment directly, or Crime Stoppers anonymously, with any information that may assist the case.

Another call for police during the week came from a resident of  Arlee who reported what they described as, "a racist and discriminatory act towards them". This came after the snow clearing equipment in town managed to "deliberately" build up a snow bank in front of the driveway, preventing the complainant from leaving the premises.  

Other notable calls from the week detailed an overweight grain hauler. The situation led to Saskatchewan Highway Patrol setting up a date to follow up with the farm itself. Also during the week, police issued an SGI driving suspension after a 21-year-old female was found operating their vehicle under the influence of marijuana. The vehicle was towed as well. The final report shared that a half-ton was driving around Perdue around 1:30 AM one morning, notable due to the skidoo, and people hanging out in the back of the truck-box.

Biggar RCMP had 39 total occurrences reported to them looking at the March 11 report. The mix of calls included 12 tickets relating to traffic incidents, and 15 warnings. 

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