The Snowy owl you see might be on it's way from Alasaka to the Amazon rainforest. It's one of 458 bird species that make a move when the weather changes. 

If you see a migratory bird including the snowy owl, you are asked to keep a safe distance and observe quietly. 20 of these birds are on the endangered species list.

Avoid flashes when taking photos, don't play bird calls from your phone, and don't feed the owls are tips offered from wildlife and game services.

The attempt to poison coyotes in the Lloydminster area back in 2000 ended up causing the death to a snowy owl. A resident of Marshall, SK was charged $6000 for putting out poison that killed 19 coyotes and two bald eagles, three hawks, 10 magpies, one weasel, six red foxes, two wolves, 11 ravens, a snowy owl, a gray jay, a dark-eyed junko, a domestic dog and a domestic cat.


snowy owl sightingsDensity of Snowy Owls spotted in the area