Macklin and Kindersley had a penalty filled game last night. 

It was game one of the SWHL semi-finals. Edam and Wilkie are playing on the other side.

Macklin scored first and Klips head coach Les Aylward said that had them chasing the puck early. "That set us back. We had to do some juggling and get our feet moving after that one. We got to give them credit for driving to the net and getting that first one."

Aylward said their strategy for game 2 will be to win puck battles in the offensive end, "we need to get to the puck first in their end. We gotta cycle down low better. For 30 minutes of a 60 minute game we chased the puck the wrong way. We're a hard working team; we gotta get back to our game."

Macklin defeated Hafford to get into round 2 of the playoffs. Head coach Al Neufeld comments "it was a tough series, they're always hanging on. We had a one goal game and the other one went into overtime."

Neufeld was happy to have the first win in this best of five series. "Big win in game one on the road, we're pretty happy. Heading home with a lead in this series, this is huge. This makes 5 or 6 wins in a row. We're coming together at the right time."

Next game will be on Classic Hits Radio 5:45pm Sunday February 19th.