The Highway Hotline has introduced the Track My Plow feature on its website to enhance access to road information.

To utilize Track My Plow, access the feature via the Highway Hotline app or website. Click on the area you want more information on and click the snowplow icon.

This addition enables users to track snowplow routes as they address snow and ice control on provincial highways.

"For over 50 years, Saskatchewan's Highway Hotline has empowered drivers to make informed safety decisions," Saskatchewan Highways Minister Lori Carr said.

The ministry will oversee the feature and its reception, aiming to give Saskatchewan drivers vital information before travelling such as closures, construction updates, and real-time road conditions.

“Between the highway hotline app that we have that you can use on your mobile device, the cameras that we have installed throughout the highway system, so you can physically look at a roadway, and now with this track my plow application where you can see where our snowplow has been within the last two hours, it just means more safety and more certainty for drivers as they go out," said Carr.