We talked with Tara Neumeier about the Kerrobert paving project. She is the town administrator and she said the project is on time and moving ahead smoothly. "They are scheduled to be done on time. We heard the end of September for sure."

Currently the paving crew is working on Alberta Avenue, and prepping the 200 block of Columbia, as well as prepping the 500 block of Yukon. "So today, because of the rain, those streets are completely blocked off." Neumeier added that those streets have been prepped for paving as soon as it stops raining.

"After one block was paved this summer, one of our councilors said he saw quite a few kids enjoying them on their bikes, on their skateboards... anything with wheels was on the new smooth streets. That was so nice to hear." 

New water and sewer lines are going in and that was part of the original construction project. "That's a lot of the reason why the streets weren't addressed for lots of years. We had so many meters of cast iron left that there was no point in putting new pavement over top until we fix the infrastructure underneath." If your street wasn't paved, or if part of your street wasn't done it may be because the utility lines have been updated in recent years.

voyent app alert

She wanted to remind residents that they have an alert system set up to keep residents up to date. Voyent alert is an application that can inform you on whether your street is next to be paved, and it can send you the alert through calls, text, or email. She wanted to emphasize the fact that Voyent Alert will call you "So it covers everybody, not just the ones that are on social media or have cell phones, including some of our older generation." She said that you can call the town office if you need help setting it up 306-834-2361.

kerrobert parade routeMap of the Town of Kerrobert from the 2022 Grad parade route.