The summer project at the Kindersley post office has officially been completed, likely just in time with more winter weather expected in the near future.

Facelift for Canada Post heritage site in Kindersley

Back at the end of July, WestCentralOnline paid a visit to the Canada Post location to view progress on the removal of the original front steps. The building was wheelchair accessible from the rear entrance for many years, now being replaced with a newer ramp at the front that contractors began installing as early as last week.   

The back entrance was utilized as the main entrance from July, until now in mid-November with the concrete steps poured and the new infrastructure installed. Any debris from the stairs original removal has been gone for months, and the black railing at the back of the building will soon be joining that same junk pile.

Each entrance should be fully operational soon after multiple months of one way traffic getting the mail.

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